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What Show do I get on Live Femdom Mistress Cams?

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It’s the questions I like to be asked, and I am asked all the times about BDSM Cams and what type of femdom cam show. I think many of you are new to Femdom cams, and that’s why they think the whole thing is about pain, but it’s not like that. Some performer ( or better almost any of them ) offer also teasing play, sensual and erotic. The Dominatrix enjoys novice and as well more experienced servant slaves.

I have created a list of my favorite fetish cams during the years, read carefully about it below:

Cock and Ball Torture: One of my favorite things is in a live BDSM video chat. Not all Mistresses can give you proper cock and ball torture on webcam, but when they know how to do it, you will be addicted. They tie the balls up and hit them with a wooden spoon to ballbusting, candle wax, electros, pegs, ball stretchers, ball weights, and so many more. I especially enjoy webcam sessions when having a cbt live cam show.

Verbal Abuse: Degrading and humiliating names are truly fun for cam Mistresses. I have got some of them having a vast fantasy to create the most humiliating names for a pathetic slave like you. If you have a small dick, then this is one of the best ways to be humiliated and ridiculed. Also, body shame and vulgar names will make you enjoy every minute you are going to spend inside of verbal humiliation and domination live BDSM webcam room. Usually, slaves and sissy girls repeat the names after the Dominatrix, but be sure to convince Her they mean it or be fiercely punished.

Strapon Cams: Stretch your slave ass with the biggest sex toys around and make you Her little slut. She will find out your P spot and rubbing against it to give you intense anal orgasm, and She will drive you into the universe of prostate massage.

You will jerk that cock at the same time. If you are new to Anal training, then you need to know that it can be done with smaller toys, and even with fingers to start with, you can use bigger toys to build it up to more massive sex toys.

Spanking: Being spanked like slutty disobedient slave is a real privilege, and I will never get tired of it. You will be spanked with bare hands. You will be asked to bring with you a belt, flip flop or anything. The Mistress will give you appropriate slave training and precisely tell you what you have to do with the objects mentioned above. Tough time is waiting for you, pathetic slave losers. The Domme will love to know you still have stings many hours after the spanking session!

Small penis humiliation: the worst thing that can happen to a little dick loser is to enter this live small penis humiliation webcam ( SPH Cams ) and flash your tiny dick to receive back humiliating words. One after another, you will be totally fucked up and mentally destroyed. You know when you show that small dick to a Humiliatrix, you won’t get back any right word but just the harsh truth: your pencil dick won’t satisfy any female, not even if you will try to masturbate that little cock for hours.

Sissy Training and Humiliation Sessions: Turn you into an obedient Sissy, dressing you and Humiliate you is one of the favorite things of those online Dominatrix Cams. If you are a Sissy girl, are you ready to accept one of those cruel Mistresses into your life? They will dress you give you verbal humiliation and finally turn you into a cock sucking bitch. You can add some blackmail sessions, forced feminization within those sessions to make them even crazier!

Financial Domination/ Findom: It’s a straightforward concept, pay, and become Mistresses human ATM and Paypig. Spoil the Domme in Luxuries and get ignored. You are born to pay and have your wallet drained.

Jerk off instructions / JOI: This is one of my favorites. You can get femdom JOI on cam to cam and trust me there is no limit to it. You can ask for edging or countdown jerk off instructions. Anything goes, it’s up to you and your limits.

Blackmail Teamviewer: Being blackmailed constantly can be a tough thing, so you must be careful what you wish. Every blackmail Mistress webcam has Her way to do this, and some can be very serious about it. However, once they get your personal information, you will be fucked up. Their only goal is to capture as many pieces of information and use them against you.

Many Mistresses use Teamviewer to get your social media info or anything that can be used inside your PC.

Blackmail sessions can be as extreme as you want, and I like to involve financial domination into this.

Ballbusting Cam Sessions: You like to be kicked hard in your balls? Or just punching your balls and squeezing or slapping them? The list can be huge, and you can couple this with a CBT cam session to get something extreme!

When you have a session with Ballbusting Mistress, she can ask you to bring objects to use, for example, a belt, a big wooden spoon, a hard shoe, ball weights, candle, chastity, and other things you have around you can be used for the purpose.

Giantess Fetish: If you want to try that feeling about being dominated by a giant Mistress, then you have a little man syndrome and need to live in her pocket! You will find several Giantess Dominatrix webcams ready to dominate you, and you will feel so little like you have never felt!

Nail Fetish Mistress: I am a nail fetish lover! I can worship long and sharp Mistress nails forever and imagine how she could put those long nails into my flesh to make me suffer and torture me even more. There several (hundreds literally) nail fetish Mistresses on webcam, and you could worship their nails for hours exactly as I do!

Pantyhose Cams: strictly related to other already covered nylon fetishes, like stocking webcams. Several people are addicted to beautiful female legs in nylons, and they don’t care if it is a woman wearing pantyhose or stockings as long as lower limbs are covered in nylons.
There are always hundreds of pantyhose cam girls online, and it will be easy for you to satisfy your kinky nylons needs.

If you are a slave, a sub or a sissy, and you finally would like to be collared by a real live Domme webcam, then jump inside and start to serve any of our live BDSM Cam Mistresses will be surprised how realistic can be an online Domme.


All the Mistresses you will find online are all lifestyle Dominatrix that follow the lifestyle, and they make a salve or a pathetic sissy crumble in front of them.

Would you like to try a huge strap on that will make you weak and powerless? Would you like to stay on your knee in front of your Domme, hoping she will give you one second of attention? You will be ignored! Is there anything worst?

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