17 New Ways To Cruel Live SPH Webcams

Most of the time, the first thing a female Domme will do when she wants to Humiliate her pathetic slave or punish him where it hurts the most will be to humiliate his dick size on SPH webcams.


Any man is proud of his dick size. Once you will see a gorgeous woman that you really would like to have sex with a woman that you could worship and do anything for, humiliate your dick and mock you for how pathetically small is your penis size can be one of the cruelest and sadistic thing that happen to you. But believe me, She will not give a shit about your feelings.

If you are new to our Femdom Dominatrix Cams website, then I am sure you have several questions about how an SPH webcams session will be about and what the Humiliatrix can do to humiliate your pathetic small dick. I know this thing very well since I flashed my tiny dick to several dominant females, but anyway, I wanted to show you the top 20 ways a real Humiliatrix could humiliate your pencil dick.

Some Of The Best ways To Humiliate Little Dicks

Compare it with small things.

Comparing your mini cock with small objects is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to humiliate small dicks. Your dick will be compared to the most miniature objects you can imagine, such as chipolata sausages, biro lids, baby carrots, and even clits and nipples! She will ask you to hold your tiny cock next to those objects and laugh at you because any of those objects will be bigger than your dick!

Compare your dick with real man pics.

The Humiliatrix will send you pictures with men with huge dicks or for extra humiliation make you find them yourself, and then have you flash Her your tiny dick for additional shame. You will be so ridiculed!

Live small dick humiliatrix

Show You a Real Man Big Cock Live

For the ultimate SPH webcams humiliation, what is worse than a female you would like to have sex with bringing cam to cam her big dicked lover and making you look at his cock while she compares his monster shaft to your tiny nub. She will probably measure it in your face, and you will be even more ashamed of your pathetic pencil dick.

Use Her Thumb And a Forefinger

Looking at Her holding her thumb and forefinger up to the camera and mimicking your penis size is one of my favorites.
With a tiny gap between them, she will hold them up to the webcam and laugh at your pathetic small cock.

For even more humiliation, she might also mimic how you can only jerk off with those two fingers.

Verbal Humiliation

Verbal humiliation and small penis humiliation are strictly connected, especially on femdom webcam sessions. The Humiliatrix will call you names like little dick loser, maggot dick, baby dick, and pencil dick, to name just a few.

Some of them can even go further and tell you how they can’t also see it and wouldn’t touch it even with gloves. These mean bitches and sadistic Dominatrix have sharp tongues and will humiliate you in any way is possible!

Take Pictures of Your Pencil Dick

With their mobile phone or their cam taking snaps, the Mistress will take photos of your pencil dick and post them on their wall of shame for everyone to laugh at your tiny cock. They will have no mercy, and every single person might know you are a pathetic small dick without hopes.

Taking Video

It will be like taking pictures, but instead, you will take videos. They will yell orders at you and make you measure it against small objects, shake it or hold it with two fingers as they record you to laugh at you later. The video might also be published online for extra humiliation.

Use Tweezers to Jerk Off.

SPH live webcam chat

I am sure you are very familiar with this already being such a small dick, but it will become more humiliating when done under controlled masturbation.

The Domme will make you take the tweezers, use them to masturbate with, laugh, and humiliate you.

Her big dick boyfriend can wank adequately due to his massive dick. She will let you know this immediately.

Jerk off using two fingers

Jack off with only your thumb and forefinger, the Humiliatrix will give you a pitiful wank. She will be in kinks of laughter as you get all 2 inches hard and can’t even use your whole fist anyway as she makes you use only these two fingers.

Force you to measure it

You know it’s tiny, she knows it’s small, but it will be incredibly humiliating if she will make you use a ruler to measure your pathetic small dick and find out HOW little it is. Maybe on a perfect day, you will stretch it and get a decent size, but you’ll have to measure it, and she will undoubtedly snort with laughter when you find out how pathetic small it is still now.

Call friends and tell them about your tiny cock

She knows having a tiny dick is terrible enough, but what about letting her friends knowing too?

That’s going to be very humiliating, and it’s what will happen when she gets on the phone to tell them all about your pathetic tiny cock loser in her SPH video chat room. Giggling and laughing, she will have a whale of a time at your expense! Get ready!

Point your small cock and laugh

Ponting my little dick and laugh at it is one of the most humiliating things a dominant woman can do to a man with a tiny pecker.
Pointing with her finger and humiliating you as you remove your clothes.

Howling and cackling and pointing with an: “oh my god” comment, She will leave you sad as she laughs at your pathetic dick size.

Describe your pencil dick to Her

As if having pencil dick wasn’t enough, this perfect womanhood vision will make you describe it in every detail. How little, how thin, how you will never be able to satisfy a female, the whole picture will be clear to you. Having to say it aloud is depressing, but the Humiliatrix will demand to hear every single word.

Make you dress Woman Underwear.

With such a small dick, you’re barely male anyway, so why pretend? She’ll make you dress like a perfect female, and you will be embarrassed like never before once you look at yourself dressed as a small cock little slut!

Little penis humiliation webcam chat

Blackmail your tiny cock

Every man will tell you how big his dick is, so there’s no way you want anyone knowing that you have such a small cock. With photos and videos of your tiny dick stored on her computer, she will make you do all sorts of degrading things. You must try small dick blackmail, and humiliation is one of my favorite things!

Cuckold you with a big dick man

You would like to have sex with this woman. You would like to have her touch you, and you are ready to do anything to be with her, but with the little dick that you’ve, she will never be yours.

So, what better way for her to rub it than to make you watch while she gets fucked by a real man’s big thick cock? You will be watching every second of it meanwhile they both laugh and call you names.

Make You Tell All the times women have laughed at you.

Remember the girls in high school who laughed at you. All those females you picked up in clubs only. Your online Mistress will make you remember every single humiliating moment you have been living!

​Imagine, there are so many ways a dominant female can humiliate you in an SPH cam show.

This list is not exclusive, though, and the twisted, sadistic nature of the Dominatrix online knows no bounds, so what are you waiting for?

You and the thing you call a dick better get into their private room now and be ready to be brought down to nothing

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