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Fetish cams popularity increases every day due to the massive demand for live femdom cams these days. Every single day there are new adept who wants to submit to a mistress or just satisfy their kinky needs.

We all agree there are several advantages of joining online fetish sex cams girls. The growing number of people entering those BDSM video chat communities is the real proof they are really convenient and amazing!

Think about it, you can join every single femdom cam girl you would like and satisfy all of your kinky needs anytime, anywhere!

That’s why I just decided to write a guide for you knowing you would like to join fetish cam girls or a live mistress webcam. This article will offer you a detailed explanation of all adult cam xxx fetish subjects and much more. 

Below you will find some currently available live femdom webcams featuring some of the cruelest webcam mistresses and some real amateur kinky girl and hot dominant females!

Live Fetish Cams

Live Fetish Cams

Now you know where you can find live fetish cams, and you can be sure they are online all the time. But let’s see what you need to learn about live fetish video chat, there are many things you should know if you are serious about submitting yourself to any live xxx fetish cam girl.


Many people can not give a proper definition of fetishism and what it is all about. There are several ways to define fetishism and a fetishist, but we actually found this definition we think it fits well :

“Fetishism is the attachment to inanimate objects that give an individual additional pleasure and satisfaction we all look for at one time or another. Most of the human being has a fetish but not everyone realizes, owns up to or knows what to name it.

Reading this definition, you will think it is vast and generic because it includes various needs and behaviors, and that’s why we will concentrate on sexual fetishes to make things clearer and straight to the point!

The first thing I would like to say is that there is no “strange” fetish. Even if you have a fetish, you consider unique or have never met any other person who shares the same fetish you have. It is perfectly normal. One factor you need to keep in mind is that most people will keep their fetishes hidden because of fear of being judged. Sometimes people will not even admit that they have a particular fetish or are obsessed with a specific behavior or object.

This website contains several links and resources to hot cam girls or live fetish cams by my ultimate purpose is to make you accept yourself the way you are. There is no need to feel different or isolate. 

We are here to help you understand your sexuality and appreciate yourself without critique from other people.


One of the questions we get asked the most is: what are the most popular fetishes? I have created this list out of our database, and it’s pretty much what we see on our websites. So here it is our top 10 fetish cam categories:

BDSM Cams – If you are a submissive slave and would like to experiment with rough sex and being dominated on webcam, then BDSM cams are the thing you need! 

Possibilities related to BDSM live cams humiliation are surely limitless.

If we tried to count all those BDSM variants and it would take hours for numbering them all. The best option for you is to click on the photo below and visit this live BDSM chat host currently living on their cams.

Fetish Cams Mistress
This is GlamourDomme a Fetish Cam Mistress online at DungeonVideoChat. Visit GlamourDomme click here

Femdom Cams -Being dominated live on a femdom webcam from a cruel webcam Dominatrix is one of the biggest dreams for many of us. So being dominated by a Dominatrix video chat room is the second most popular fetish. 

Even if you are not entirely submissive the fact of being dominated by a real lifestyle Dominatrix or any dominant woman. Actually, there are several ways to get into a femdom video chat room, and many people submit there with various range of requests. Many guys like to be controlled by a dominant woman. There are different levels of intensity. Some people like a soft level, and you can find that on CFNM live cams. 

Some other people will just enjoy extreme femdom chat and enjoy a real torture time before they get satisfied. A real genuine Dominatrix cam will bring you into genital torture or to private ballbusting private chat room sessions!

Cruel Live Webcam Dominatrix
YourSecretXX is a Blonde Femdom Dominatrix. She is nasty like you can not even imagine. Submit yourself to serve and obey !

Smoking Fetish-Can you resist a voluptuous smoking fetish Mistress? She will smoke straight in front of you, and you will have that privilege of looking at her blowing smoke! One of the timeless fetishes, you can not even imagine how many types of smokers you can find online! If you are into smoking fetish and have never tried it on webcam, you should start.

Smoking Fetish Webcam
This blond Dominatrix will blow smoke and have you nailed at your PC looking at Her smoking! LadyDominant is PERFECTION!

Nylon Pantyhose If you are among those who love girls wearing tights, then you are lucky because, on any of our websites, you will find a large number of private fetish video chat rooms where you can admire pantyhose and nylon online. And the excellent news is that 5% of models in fetish niche are dressing some kind of nylons!

You can browse new fetish webcam girls and look at a particular type of nylons you are looking for.

They can be seamed stockings, or are you looking for pantyhose feet worship and footdom humiliation? You can find anything you need, with hundreds of fetish cam models always online.

Live PantyHose Nylon Webcam
Ask yourself if She is real or not. Well, Guess this Nylon Goddess is real and ready to show you the hottest Nylon Pantyhose ever!

Foot Fetish– Foot fetish is considered one of the long-lasting fetish online ever. If you talk to a vanilla person and mention fetishism, they will immediately associate it with foot fetish. Being obsessed with woman feet can become an addiction. If you never been in a foot fetish, feet worship situation, any of our models will show you exactly how addictive foot fetish cams can become.

Feet fetish has several variations, and it does, from Domme goddess feet up to teen feet or to sniff stinky socks. 

If you are serious about foot fetish, you should already know how extensive this niche can be. When you start exploring this beautiful fetish and start to experience live feet on webcam, you will decide if it is for you. Any cam model ( choose one that is clearly into foot fetish) will guide you through this very common fetish. The good news is that you will find women of all ages into this niche, so you will surely find what exactly turns you on!

Foot Fetish Cams
FeetGoddess has perfect feet. She can show you Foot Fetish and FeetDom like no other. Visit FeetGoddess now click here

Small penis humiliation This is quite a new category of people who likes to have their small dick humiliated in any way is possible! SPH cams are becoming more and more popular among fetish cam models, and some of those Humiliatrix even specialize in small dick humiliation.

They can do it in several ways, and personally, I like to flash my pencil dick to them and look at them calling my mini cock in any strange way is possible.

When the Mistress points her finger at my small penis, I become terrified of what is coming next. The hilarious thing is that to get some small penis humiliation on webcam is not necessary to have a small dick but several guys with average sizes are entering those SPH chat rooms to just listen to what the Mistress thinks about them! Try it once and get addicted!

SPH webcam
You have a small dick and you know it ! Flash your pencil dick to FetishHotel now and you will never be the same person!

Strapon cams  Another popular fetish here: strapon cams. This is most likely used as a part of a BDSM femdom bondage experience. The Dominatrix is using it to humiliate her webcam sex fetish slave. 

It is also very often used as a tool of pleasure that horny bitches on cams are using for self penetration and masturbation in front of their video chat spectators (and that’s you). 

So you can easily imagine if you are sissy slave it could be used to penetrate your tender sissy ass. Strap on is a very popular kinky, no limit practice.

Red Head Mistress Live Femdom Webcam
This Redhead Dominatrix knows how to use that HUGE StrapOn , would you like to find it out ? Check her profile out here !

Sissy Humiliation Sissy Humiliation is a particular niche within fetish role play live cams. It is certainly part of a femdom slave dominatrix fetish. The main reason is that it has a strong humiliation component in the dominant female relationship.

Considering that webcam humiliation can be achieved in many different ways, Sissy slave training isn’t a violent activity, but it surely demands an experienced Mistress to be successful.

Not all Mistresses can deliver Sissy slave live training on webcam, and that is why only experienced, and dedicated Dominatrix can give you precisely what you are looking for. Sissy cams are not for everyone, visit a sissy training webcam Mistress only if you are absolutely serious about it or would like to start your training severely.

Jerk Off Instructions This is one of the favorites of mine. JOI cam is a generic term, but you can really get several different types of live jerk off instructions on cam to cam. I love to receive Femdom jerk off instructions, but you can ask anything like countdown JOI or any kind of guided masturbation on cam you can imagine!

Ethnic webcams live Every time I visit fetish cams, I notice there are xxx cam girls online from every country. Almost the whole planet is covered, so it is straightforward for you to find a cam girl from a country you would like.

This is one of the advantages of c2c fetish entertainment (c2c is an abbreviation for cam to cam meaning two-way video and audio communication between two persons being live on webcams). 

You will always find a massive variety of girls online coming from every possible corner of the world. This means that if you are into any specific ethnicity, there is a big chance you will find what you are looking for.

Sometimes I look for an Asian fetish cam, but you can easily find ebony fetish cams or American or anything you have in mind, you name it you have it! 

Always remember that several cam girls will hide their origin country due to privacy or for any other reason. You can still use a VPN, and in this case, I recommend you use the Opera Browser free VPN option.

Why Fetish Cams Are So Popular

Availability – You can find an xxx fetish cam girl anytime you need, and any of those fetish pussy will be at your fingertip.

Just imagine you are on a business trip and can’t sleep and just need your daily fetish dose then, you just need to connect and find hundreds of BDSM cams ready to satisfy all of your kinky needs. 

To get some stress relief, you need a big tits fetish girl or a cruel Mistress that will control you live on webcam or just a Dominatrix that will humiliate you instantly. You have all this ready in a matter of a few seconds!

The feeling of knowing that you are actually looking at a real live fetish girl who provides sexual services for guys like you is exceptional. This is just a hypothesis but, if you will need a fetish ass anytime and even if you are bored in office or in a public toilet a car parking, you just need a mobile phone and immediately enter a BDSM video chat room!

Diversification – There are so many Fetishes, and sometimes you will not realize what you really need and want until the moment you enter a free femdom chat room.

Honestly speaking, it will take some time to really feel something before deciding you are into it. 

For example, you always loved feet and foot fetish worship live cam. But did you ever experience something different like cock and ball torture or maybe a live small dick humiliation? 

With live BDSM webcams, you have a chance to experiment with different fetishes, and it will be all in one place!

It will be easy to get and more comfortable to find out new fetish you can like or not!

Affordability – Like everything else, the price is an essential factor when you have to make a decision about going go into the naked video chat with some of currently online cam girls. 

Similar to several models available, prices are pretty extensive. 

The more specific fetish is, the more expensive it will be. 

Typically, you can’t expect to get cheap femdom cams shows featuring MILF fetish findom Dominatrix. 

Indeed, it will cost you more than having a fetish video chat with a talkative, smart hot foot fetish model. More extreme and complex the fetish you like is and more expensive it will be. 

Customer services – Organizing all those live sex cams is not an easy task.

This is precisely why there is complete technical support behind fetish xxx cams machines. 

You won’t notice that, but they will answer you anytime you need support and ask for explanation info or simply need help about billing or te use of femdom cams.

Even if you can’t see at first, they are there whenever you need to contact support and ask for some explanation, info, or help related to billing or usage of fetish chat cams. You can always find more info on the warning page.

Discreet billing – A crazy world of exhibitionist cams need a particular layer of privacy to be maintained. 

For that reason, when you use and spend your purchased credits (you should know that your data is totally safe. 

You won’t find anything on your credit card statements related to any kind of sexual activity or fetish cams activity. 

So you can be completely sure no one will find out about your little dirty secret and no matter if we talk about a big ass Mistress worship or deepthroat fetish feet , Milf fetish cams or financial domination , femdom bondage, nylon pantyhose or your own wish to get a huge strap on stright in your ass. 

Your privacy is safe with us.

Freshness – Every day, you will find dozens of new fetish girls joining, and your private shows can be with different girls every time.

Rubber fetish, a cute blonde showing her new tattoo, innocent slave humiliation, chastity keyholding, leather fetish, or something totally opposite, there will always be new girls joining. You will always have a chance to experiment with something new.

Streaming Quality – High Definition video quality combined with crystal clear audio is just a part of the fantastic option every single live sex chat room has. Live sex cams are technically demanding, and we do everything to guarantee a perfect streaming quality.

Camtocam  – This is for sure, the best part, and inevitably turns on many of you. 

Those into CFNM webcam humiliation love to be seen by the girls on the other side. Femdom chat room featuring this option is giving a much more enjoyable experience. 

You will decide if you will let a girl see you masturbating while talking to her or not.

What is the cost of a Fetish Live Video Chat

As you surely noticed, it will not be easy to figure out the price of live fetish cam shows. 

As I already explained before, there is a reasonable and logical explanation of why rates differ based on who is hosting a live sex show.

But I think we can still have an estimate about the average cost of fetish webcam video chat. 

The number varies based on a big range of factors but the price of $1.05 is realistic if we talk about a roleplay fetish cam girl and it can go to $2.25 per minute if you look to more extreme and specific femdom cam girl

Always take in count the streaming quality and the advantages of nasty kinky shows, chat with sexy fetish whores is one of the cheapest adult entertainments experience. 

Always remember the most important hardcore fetish shows are always inside private bdsm cams chat rooms. Do not expect a serious webcam domination fetish or a doldo show if you are not ready to pay them to spend time with you and satisfy all of your kinky needs.

Consider it like when you go to a private club and you know to get a private lap dance you must pay.

Who are the Sexy Fetish Webcam Girls Hosting Those BDSM Shows?

This is one o the most common questions I get asked several times. I think this is a thing that it’s not really important and not related to the Femdom BDSM live cam sessions I will try to answer you the best way I can.

Among thousands of female fetishists there are practically all the types of females you can imagine. We know you could be really amazed by knowing more data about those femdom cam girls and it could probably make you even more horny but still we have to respect the privacy of every single fetish cam girl online and that is why we can not share all the date with the visitors.

Essentially is the same way we protect your identity and that makes it safe for both sides .

With time you will understand that a lot of kinky stuff wouldn’t happen if the girls privacy would’nt be protected as we do.

Thinking about stuff as Small penis humiliation and cuckold cams , sexy schoolgirl CBT torture , anal fingering and double penetration and a lot of other types of really extreme fetish

Still, we would like to provide a decent answer to your question. 

Lately we have more and more south American cams models and a steady number of easter europe models.

Talking about their job and prossion things become truly interesting. The young models are most likely students and but you will also certainly find more experienced ladies online.

Nothing wrong against young performers but the female domination ( in different ways ) requires experienced performers and as part of the fetish webcams world there is no wonder that most of the actual Dominatrix are mature woman.

Usually the online fetish performes are real life prefessions Goddesses and femdoms so you can maybe get a chance of a real meeting in case you will be able to proof you are a worthy slave and a real BDSM addict.

Personally I think there are also several excellent younger dominant ladies and I can give you a name Mistress Elektra Velvet she is probably the best live Dominatrix female performer. If you have a chance just spend 10 minutes inside her femdom video chat room and you will understand why I think she is the cruelest Domme online ever.

So now I think you know enough about the variety of fetish webcams offers and you can start to explore fetish tease cams and find the one who will satisfy all of your kinky needs!

What else should I know before I try Fetish C2C

Just in case you did not find what you were looking for or your own personal crazy fetish in my top fetish list then there is no need to be disappointed.

I know exactly there are tons more fetishes and to write about them all could take years. Everything is fine and I can tell you that this is the best place to know more anout BDSM fetish cams and everything concerned to it.

This is why I have prepared a list of terms our visitors are searching on our websites , you have to know all of those fetish are available and you can find online performers all the time. Here is the list : spit submissive, c2c dildo inocent slave, oil BDSM pantyhose, petite curvy fetish, bigass tattoo, goddess feet worship, deepthroat blowjob, blonde Mistress, findom fetish, PVC femdom, femdom cuckold, hot humiliation chastity, mature cams, femdom mommy, shemale cams, teen anal, bigass latex, sexual aids, cuckold CEI brunette mistress, teen BDSM, findom domination, ass dildo, cum naked, torture teen, live cum eating instructions and so much more.. 

This is a small list about what you can find and so now you really have reason to be stuck . Just go and visit our live femdom cams now !

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