Fetish Webcams

If you would like to try all those dirty torture methods, those live cam Mistresses are using to dominate pathetic cam slaves like you, and it would take hours to count them all. 

During the years, I have compiled a huge list of Dommes and subs for all the possible fetishes you can even imagine: BDSM, spanking, domination, foot fetish, long nails, smoking fetish, high heel fetish, stockings, masturbation, and more…

Our chat hosts on Fetish webcams want to get to know you and if you are a sub humiliate you on webcam like never before.

Fetish Webcams


As with most fetish cam girls, they will work to meet your requests, and every single kinky need you have will become true. Actually, this is one of the things I like about femdom cams, and they can become really realistic, even more than a real-life Domme.

I love pantyhose, and seeing a sexy female with hot lingerie on teasing while she smokes or wears high heels is a huge turn-on for everyone, I think. But when your cam Mistress dresses sexy lingerie, you can be sure you will be mindblown and obey faster than light!

People with a high heel fetish get aroused just by looking at a gorgeous pair of feet in high heels or boots.

And that is why the most popular fetishes on the site are the foot fetish cam girls, the slave domination and submission performers, and costume and outfit fetish cam models. During a live feet cam show, you can ask the model to show you her feet exactly the way you want.

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Femdom Live Webcams

It’s a really tough question to answer, but when asking if you need to keep in mind that the statistics we show here are exclusively related to people who are looking for BDSM cam girls. 

As I said before, feet are really popular, and it’s for sure one of the most know fetishes since the beginning of time. Lately, we have noticed a lof interest in leather. The girls online have jackets, skirts, trousers, or coats that will bring your leather or rubber fetish to life.

Skintight leather and rubber outfits are the norms. 

Leather Mistress Webcam

So that’s why those who have a leather fetish are keeping on coming back to our fetish cams.

Serving a webcam Mistress is another popular option. Even if you are not completely into submission and female domination, the idea of being controlled by a dominant female (the Mistress) is thrilling and attractive to the guys. BDSM Cam offers a wide range of fetish chat Mistresses really eager to control you any minute of your life, and the worst part is that they can control you 24/7 nowadays through a simple phone.

Smoking is another addiction that is known since forever. It includes women smoking a cigar, cigarette, or a pipe in the most seductive way possible. It’s a very popular online fetish because you can find plenty of Fetish live chat rooms specific to this addiction type. 

Smoking webcam

Now you have an opportunity to find different types of fetishes in one place. In this regard, the best ones are the fetish cam sites or the ones that support free cam to cam sex chatting. But not always. Some Fetish girls do not want to get exposed, and they like to be online in more exclusive adult chat communities like DungeonVideoChat or Imlive. Those webcam sites can train their slaves in a very exclusive way, and their privacy will not be exposed.

Another very popular humiliation type is penis humiliation. Small dick losers will love to flash their tiny dicks to those live SPH webcams. The online webcam Goddess will ridicule those tiny dick losers on cam to cam. SPH webcams are very popular since little penis slaves can easily flash their pathetic small dicks to any Humiliatrix and receive humiliation until they understand they cannot satisfy a woman. 

Kinky Cams are really variegated, and if you are a BDSM slave, you should try to serve an online Goddess and understand it’s not easy to be a cam slave. At all. Several fetish chat Mistresses are really demanding, and it will take you a lot of time to learn how to satisfy a real webcam Goddess properly. Fetish sex relationships are not easy, especially when you find out that the Dominatrix you are craving to serve is a lifestyle Domme and absolutely serious about cam domination.

Among fetish sites I visit every day to serve and obey those BDSM webcam sex Goddesses, there are a few I really prefer. 

Cruel Mistress Femdom Cam

The best one is Dungeonvideochat.com, and there you will find several online Mistresses ready to satisfy your sexual preference of any type. If you are into extreme fetish or Roleplay, then this is the website you need to visit. You will find several Mistress Cams online at any given time ( seriously, I am not joking ). 

Imlive has for sure one of the biggest lists of fetish women. Any kinky ideas you have can be realized at Imlive.

We are talking about stuff as double penetration, anal sex, SPH cuckold torture, adult baby, hairy girls, anal training, hairy pussy, and other types of really dirty femdom action.

Plenty of evil sexy girls online.

Last but not least, Chaturbate has the best femdom free chat option with a growing number of live Dominatrix webcams. Chaturbate has a growing number of femdom live chat rooms, and if you have a dirty mind and are looking for sex toys, then Chatrurbate has plenty of Sexy women with amazing big toys!

Between thousands of active female fetishists offering sexual acts between consenting parties, there are literally all types of Kinky cams, Domme webcams, and remember, our BDSM live cam chats are the kinkiest online. If you are a pathetic sub, you need to know the best place to get all your fetish needs fulfilled is on a live BDSM webcam site.

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