Looking at my Mistress Webcam list, I noticed there is a big name underlined FeetGoddesss at Dungeonvideochat. I look at my femdom cams list when I have no wish to look at all the online femdom webcams at Dungeonvideochat and I usually underline the Domme that generally gave me a Humiliation level I will never forget.

FeetGoddess Mistress Cams

Surely FeetGoddess is in my top 5 and surely she is a very demanding domme with a nasty attitude toward pathetic cam slaves like me. I am a pathetic beggar when I just have that privilege of serving my webcam Domme I need to use it better.


FeetGoddess showed me how can I at least become a decent cam slave. She proof me all the time how pathetic and wrong I am about what makes me horny and what not. She is powerful and she deserves all I have and I ma not talking about material goodies!

I am addicted to legs and a feet in pantyhose since forever and a hot woman wearing jeans simply doesn’t look interesting to me. I prefer skirts and nylon. Pantyhose makes its my biggest turn on!

FeetGoddess is the perfect Pantyhose Dominatrix webcam and I can say she is a dream come true for me without a doubt.

A few nights ago, after finishing my work, I logged online just to have a look around. Started browsing Twitter, cam sites… you know, the usual stuff we all do.

FeetGoddess Live Pantyhose Mistress Webcam


At some point, as I wrote before, I ended up on my femdom cams list and searched for FeetGoddess and she was online at DungeonVideoChat.She dressed a leather catsuit on, Louboutin high heels, and nylons (later I discovered being pantyhose).

She looked incredible and perfect. Her perfect body was like a perfect match with that outfit, her legs looked even longer than usual, her incredible ass was breathtaking. Leave her BDSM chat room was impossible for me. I had to stay and possibly enter her live femdom video chat room immediately.

She was very busy humiliating her servant slaves like there is no tomorrow.

She was asking for tributes and giving them orders and humiliating tasks! Asking tributes is something She does in a way you will never say NO or refuse She will not tolerate that and sooner she will understand you are a pathetic loser without any clue she will simply destroy you!

At one point, between one order to a guy and another, she said, looking deeply into the cam:

“Spoil me, it’s your turn now. You know you want to”

I couldn’t resist her and sent the Findom the first tribute. Her words are Hypnotic and she really does not have any limit.

She is magnetic like no other webcam Dominatrix and for sure one of the cruelest and demanding Financial Dominatrix webcams I have ever tributed.

The Mistress took my brain away, piece by piece. I saw Her moving in the sensual way only She can do, her voice was hypnotic, slowly giving orders to others, then to me, then to them…one by one…sometimes

I stared while she was clearly giving orders to others and ignoring me but…she did it in such a perfect way that I never felt left out.

Pantyhose Mistress Webcam

It was a constant switching between one and another, with perfect timing, always giving everyone the right attention. I can say it was perfect and Her pantyhose was taking me attached to my monitor looking at Her. It was such a privilege.

While I am writing you I am looking to this photos of her and honestly I think you will not resist her either. She will take your mind and you will actually do anything this femdom Mistress Webcam wants you to do. She will make you totally dependent on her and you won’t find another pantyhose webcam like her. Never.

What about her perfect feet? She has the ultimate feet, perfect and nylons around them make me want to stare at this webcam Mistress feet forever. Without stop. I would love to suck her toes and lick her sole and I am ready to do anything she asks to make me look at her wonderful long legs and feet in nylon!

If you are a foot fetish webcams lover and would like to obey a webcam Dominatrix that will make the difference in your life then you can stop here , right now ! visit FeetGoddesss at Dungeonvideochat immediately and serve and obey this webcam Goddess!

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