Dominatrix Femdom Cams


I had my first and only session with this online Dominatrix webcam months ago. It still sticks with me to this day. I saw this Femdom Dominatrix online at Dungeonvideochat and decided to visit her immediately and serve Her again.

I knew this Dominatrix would destroy me and rewire my brain once I enter her BDSM video chat room.

Before entering her femdom chat room, I had set hard limits in my head, but I was doing things I never intended to do within minutes. She can mindfuck you in a matter of a few seconds, and you will be under her spell and become her completely obedient puppy.

She will mindfuck you and right away take control over your and your finances, and after that, She will drain your wallet once and for all.


She always says that Her slaves have a privilege of “free mind.”

Teased & denied, they become free of anything but a need to worship, constant desire to please Her. It keeps them weak, edging in blissful submission over&over.

Dominatrix Webcams

FemmeSupremeX hates small dick, and the killer combination of small dicks plus an empty wallet makes her furious as you have never seen a person before. She hates little dick man, and once you show Her this killer combination, your SPH on webcam will start, and it will end only when you will be on your knee in tears. She will make you cry.

This financial Dominatrix loves to drain her Her pigs, and yesterday, during the group drain, She instantly drained us all in a few minutes. She is brainwashing & teasing her paypigs continuously for 2 hours in a row.

She is guiding them weakened by horny desire and accepting new reality!

My wallet was fucked quickly and hard. I had done things on cam I have never done before and since. I left the room out of fear. For two reasons. Fear of what I was persuaded to do and fear of what I would have done if I had stayed longer.

You will be so weak in front of this Domme, and if you are a Pantyhose addicted, then you will have a privilege to admire her nylons like no other pantyhose webcams.

At the altar of your Goddess, there is no space for a second thought. She is the air you breathe, your blood-rush, your everything. Desire to please Her is weaved within your DNA. Resistance will only prolong the agony.

Having a single femdom webcam changed me forever. No girlfriend/spouse/partner has ever or will ever make me feel the way I felt in those moments.

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